Dear fellow underwaterhockey lovers,


the teams for the 2016 Argonauta Underwaterhockey Tournament have received their confirmations and we wish to share them with you.

The following teams have been confirmed for the 2016 Argonauta tournament (sorry, this is in Dutch):

Teamnaam Land
ODTU SAS Turkije
Barramoenda Nederland
Narwhals Spanje
Southport Engeland
Fontenay Frankrijk
Once Were Warriors Mix
Southsea Engeland
Argonauta 1 Nederland
Epo Akula Belgie
Hope Boys Frankrijk
AquaCarca Portugal
OSCD Nederland
ETTS Turkije
Wahoo Zurich Zwitserland
Franconville Frankrijk
Argonauta 2 Nederland
Afrodita Spanje
LILA Belgie en Nederland
Amazons Mix
Hope Ladies Frankrijk
The French Fouf Frankrijk
NL dames Nederland
Fontenay Ladies Frankrijk
Wahoo Zurich Ladies Zwitserland

We wish to see all the teams at the tournament and themed party!



Confirmed teams for the 2016 Argonauta Tournament
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