A rich history

Underwaterhockey tournaments in Europe haven’t been such a natural display of the sport as we might think. To be more exact: the first international tournament was held in Breda. Then it didn’t carry the name of the club yet, and there weren’t all the sophisticated ways to share information as there are today.

This first international tournament didn’t had any name, it was just called ‘international underwaterhockey tournament’. Quite simple actually.

After this there were multiple other big international tournaments: ‘the Anglo-Dutch tournament’ and the ‘Speedo Trophy’ (which you can still admire at the Argonauta clubhouse).

Luckily the sport spread wildly and we can now enjoy international tournaments in almost every country that houses underwaterhockey clubs.

Our favorites

STICK •black or white •curved or straight •big or small

MASK •elastic or adjustable strap •big or small glasses • colored or black

GLOVE •flexible or stiff •blue, green or any other color •tight or loose

FINS •huge or tiny •mares, ala, breier or self produced •foot pocket or open heel

SNORKEL •one to breath

TROUSERS •old or new •text or blank •short or long