How it works…

You can have a look at the ‘steps to take’ for some quick info on our normal routine. Here you can find a bit more detailed information about subscribing and paying.

Subscribing has never been this easy, just go to ‘registration’ and fill out the form. This online form will be send to us and we will put your teams name on the list. When the form is not online, registration hasn’t been opened yet.

Due to safety concerns, we would like you all to pay through bank or PayPal. The bank details are in the confirmation email you received when invited for the tournament. We oblige you to pay in advance to participate to the tournament.

Steps to take

1. Register

First you apply for the tournament through an online form you fill in. You can find the link in the text on the left.

2. Practice patience

It will take some time before the committee takes a decision, so we ask you to be patient.

3. Confirmation

The secretary will let you know when your team is invited, or we didn’t found a spot for you this year. If that last option is your case: apply again next year and hopefully we will see you then.

You can also try and play with other teams.

4. Reply

Reply to the confirmation you receive with all info.

5. Pay

It’s payday today, you will have to transfer the money into the Argonauta bank account. Due to security we cannot accept cash anymore. If this is a problem, contact the secretary.

6. Come and play

After all these action, take along all your gear and play the game we all love.

7. Dress up and party

Get your costume out of the car and dress up for that years theme. Drink, eat and have a great time partying!

8. Visit website

After a week or so, you can find new photos on the website and have fun looking at yourself, friends and people you met at the party.

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